ESG at Semler Gruppen
We strive to contribute to driving a development where CSR is given top priority.

Semler Gruppen is a market leader in Denmark – and we know that our position imposes certain obligations on us. We take our social responsibility seriously and do our best to operate a responsible business which makes a positive contribution to society. Those are not just empty words – we put them into action.

CSR is one of our five equally important strategic pillars, the other four being our customers, employees, investors and partners. We are confident that a socially responsible business development is a prerequisite for our continued success and future relevance as a player in the car industry and the agricultural machinery industry – industries that have over time widely affected today’s society.

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Due to the ongoing transition of the car industry towards an increased share of electric vehicles, to the absolute necessity of reducing the environmental impact of road transport as well as to the stricter requirements faced by the agricultural sector, it is only natural that we also contribute specific solutions.

Respectful, dedicated, innovative and cheerful. Those are Semler Gruppen’s values, which serve as guidelines for our conduct. However, they also make up the foundation of our socially responsible ambitions.

From ambition to action

The ESG strategy of Semler Gruppen identifies and gives priority to focus areas concerning climate and environment, social matters and employees as well as governance and conduct. It requires dedicated efforts to put the strategy into action. To this end, we have set up an ESG organisation. Through active involvement of Semler Gruppen’s employees and stakeholders, the organisation will ensure that we achieve our ambitions.

Other key elements of our efforts are the preparations to comply with the requirements of the CSRD and for Semler Gruppen’s ESG reporting as from the financial year 2025.

Our full CSR report can be read here: Semler CSR-rapport 2023

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E – Environment

Through electrification of Denmark’s car population, sustainable mobility solutions and optimisation of modern agricultural solutions, we will achieve a considerable reduction of carbon emissions from our own activities, our customers’ activities and the entire value chain.

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S – Social

The employees are Semler Gruppen’s most important asset. We prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow through education, training and skills development. Our focus on diversity and on reflecting society in the composition of our staff makes Semler Gruppen an inspirational and meaningful workplace for everyone.

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G – Governance

Our values – respectful, dedicated, innovative and cheerful – define our conduct and define us as a business. In all relations, we pursue a zero-tolerance approach to corruption, illegal practices, data security breaches and compliance breaches.