Conduct and compliance (G)
Our Code of Conduct provides guiding principles for both employees and managers in their day-to-day tasks and in extraordinary situations.
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Semler Gruppen’s Code of Conduct is based on our values: respectful, dedicated, innovative and cheerful. The Code includes various ethical principles for good work culture and conduct as well as clear directions on compliance in respect of:

  • IT and data security
  • Corruption, fraud and bribery
  • Public sector consultancy
  • Gifts, donations and quid pro quos
  • Product safety
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Whistleblower system

Any irregularities ascertained or irregular practices suspected can be reported anonymously through Semler Gruppen’s whistleblower system, which can be accessed through the link below.

Employees can also access the system through our intranet.

Human rights compliance

To us at Semler Gruppen, it is essential to have an open and honest culture where everybody can ask questions and express their viewpoints. We pursue a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of discrimination, bullying, abuse and harassment.

We have committed to complying with human rights, as has also our largest supplier, Volkswagen AG. To us, it is a given when operating a business today that we denounce all forms of child labour, modern slavery or human trafficking in our own organisation as well as with our suppliers and partners.

Compliance and integrity

Semler Gruppen has a compliance structure that aims to prevent breaches by providing training and advice, developing processes and guidelines as well as implementing sufficient control measures to ensure that any breaches can be detected and handled. A Compliance Board determines Semler Gruppen’s overall compliance strategy and lays down the general framework for all compliance functions. Based on a fixed annual cycle, it is ensured that all relevant areas are identified and dealt with in the course of the year.

In addition, procedures are in place to handle the ongoing registration and monitoring of essential risks within the group.

TAX Governance at Semler Gruppen

As a major player in the car industry, we carry a great responsibility for ensuring that registration fees, VAT and taxes are always determined in accordance with the applicable legislation as well as for the correct and timely reporting to the authorities.

We have established internal procedures and codes of practice to ensure that the tax rules are observed in all group companies and that tax matters are handled properly and correctly.

We take part in the TAX Governance scheme by Skattestyrelsen (the Danish Tax Agency) and consequently have an ongoing dialogue with SKAT on all relevant issues. Semler Gruppen has no activities and operate no companies domiciled in tax havens.

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Data protection and cyber security

We make targeted efforts to ensure continuous compliance with data protection laws as our codes of practice become increasingly data-driven and customer contact becomes increasingly digital. In practice, that is done by keeping up a good overview of all business activities, implementing governance and ensuring continuous awareness to make provisions for the timely involvement of the skills required, thus maintaining the high compliance level.

On an ongoing basis, we make efforts to equip Semler Gruppen for meeting future legislation such as the NIS II Directive as well as new cyber threats. Semler Gruppen thus uses various security frameworks such as ISO/IEC 27001+, CIS18, TISAX, NIST, etc., to ensure that we base our approach on best practice standards.