Employee-centered workplace and social responsibility (S)
We aim to be the best employer as we want to retain, develop and attract the industry’s most competent managers and employees.
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At Semler Gruppen, we continuously focus on job satisfaction among our employees, and we regularly check with them to assess the situation. We are pleased that the annual employee satisfaction survey has once again confirmed that our employees appreciate the framework for job satisfaction and individual development provided by us and that the employees’ satisfaction with their immediate manager is also still high. As we know that the immediate manager is a decisive factor when it comes to a person’s job satisfaction in general, Semler Gruppen places great emphasis on making our managers the best managers.

Our annual job appraisal interviews focus on each individual employee’s performance, potential, goals and development. We emphasise both professional and personal development and focus on making an individual development plan for each employee.

Investment in the employees
Investment in education and training

Our industry is currently undergoing a historical technological change and transformation process. That is why the focus area of education and training is now more important to us than ever as we want to develop our employees to meet the demands of the future.

At our central education and training centre, Semler Academy, we offer approx. 72,000 hours of education and training every year.  That means that, each year, about 3,200 apprentices, trainees, technicians, panel beaters, service advisors and sales advisors are upskilled through our internal education and training programmes. In addition, we focus on online courses and e-learning, and we produce more than 80 online training videos, webinars and e-learning modules each year through our own film studio.

Employees of the future

Semler Gruppen wants to contribute to development, education and training in society and to recruit talents for our business. Each year, we take in apprentices specialising as motor mechanics, bodywork technicians, agricultural machinery mechanics, etc. In collaboration with Mercantec in Viborg, we have developed a special apprenticeship, which forms the technicians of tomorrow through an extended motor mechanic training programme.

Each year, we also take in trainees in the fields of administration, finance and sales. A large part of them decide to stay with us after they have completed their traineeship.

Leadership development

At Semler Gruppen, we believe that competent managers are a prerequisite for job satisfaction among our employees, and we invest in internal leadership development programmes on an annual basis. We focus on the many roles of managers, feedback, empowerment and a psychologically safe culture.

Our management model emphasises the complete manager. The model is based on our values: respectful, dedicated, innovative and cheerful. Focus is on the manager having the ability to set a direction for the employees, motivate them and make them show commitment and thereby achieve results. Accordingly, our managers must not focus on just one of those three elements, but must master them all.

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Social responsibility

We are occupied with inclusion and diversity in the broad sense and want at all times to hire the most qualified candidate, regardless of gender, and we aim to always appreciate people’s differences.

We make efforts to ensure equal opportunities and equal terms for all, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion or disability.

Selected focus areas:


We are a member of the Danish Dyslexia Association (Ordblindeforeningen) and offer digital aids for all employees and their families. We do so because we want those aids to be easily available to each person and because dyslexia is often inherited. Consequently, our contribution helps not only our employees, but also their families.

Meaningful odd jobs

Aalborg is the hometown of Små job med mening, an initiative creating meaningful odd jobs to help people with physical or mental challenges get back on the labour market. For years, Semler Mobility in Aalborg has actively supported the initiative and has had several odd-jobbers among its staff. We are very pleased that one of those odd-jobbers has now become one of our full-time employees and has had a fresh start.