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About Semler Gruppen

About Semler Gruppen
100 years’ experience + dedicated employees = Semler Gruppen
Classic Vw Beetle

The story of Semler Gruppen begins back in 1917 when Skandinavisk Motor Co. was founded.

In 1917, brothers Axel and Johannes Semler founded Skandinavisk Motor Co. with their father, Eiler Semler.

They initially imported Hudson, Dodge and Firestone tyres. However, in 1948, the company began importing Volkswagen, and 11 years later (in 1959), they reached a milestone when VW became the best-selling passenger car in Denmark.

In 1951, they added Porsche to their import portfolio.

Our Values

Satisfied colleagues, customers and suppliers are our most important asset. We are honest and responsible, and we always keep our promises – even when it’s difficult.


Results require personal attention and focus. We set ourselves ambitious goals and stay the course. We never leave a problem unsolved. 


Curiosity is a virtue. We challenge ourselves and seek inspiration from the world around us to think innovatively. This is how we streamline and create high value. 


Going to work must be fun and meaningful. Therefore, we always show respect and good humour in our dealings – with customers, colleagues and suppliers alike. 


Skandinavisk Motor Co. begins importing Audi.


The company begins to import SEAT.


Skandinavisk Motor Co. signs an importer contract with ŠKODA.


Skandinavisk Motor Co. becomes a dealer for Bentley and Lamborghini.


Semler Gruppen is founded as the umbrella organisation for the entire group.


Semler Innovation is launched.

Semler Agro is founded.

Semler Gruppen becomes an importer of Ducati.


The first year of activities in Dribe, Holo and Connected Cars.


Establishment of Volkswagen Semler Finans Danmark A/S.

Acquisition of 51% of the shares in Herborg Smede- og Maskinforretning A/S.


Acquisition and whole-ownership of Shared Mobility A/S.

Acquisition of RTT A/S.


Acquisition of CarHolding's five dealerships.

Validation of Semler Group's environmental accounts by the Scienced Based Targets initiative (SBTi)

Semler Mobility Værksted2

Semler Gruppen has been the umbrella organisation for the entire group since 2010.

Today, the group has approximately 3,000 employees who work hard to deliver the best mobility solutions – both today and for the future.

And the best mobility solutions naturally have the best products and the best service. The organisation currently has five divisions, engaged in the automotive industry, the agricultural market and tomorrow’s mobility concepts.

Semler Mobility Import

Import and leasing of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Commercial & Vans, SEAT, Škoda, CUPRA, Audi and Ducati.

Semler Mobility Retail

Our sales chain, with dealerships at 20 locations across Denmark.

Semler Mobility Premium

Import and sales of Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin and McLaren.

Semler Mobility Solutions

Mobility solutions in the broadest of senses. And the birthplace of companies such as Dribe, Connected Cars and Holo, and includes Enterprise Rent-A-Car and RTT.

Semler Mobility Baltic

Import and sales of Škoda, Porsche and Lamborghini in the Baltic countries.

Semler Agro

Sales and service of agricultural machinery, including John Deere, Sulky, Väderstad, Brantner and Kramer.

Group Functions

All service functions across the entire group, including IT, finance, people, communication, ESG, Legal, Privacy & Security and properties.

Associated enterprises

The umbrella organisation for our investments in other companies.

Facts and figures
Number of colleagues in 2023

2,753 in 2022

Number of registered cars in DK in 2023

42,819 in 2022

Market share for John Deere in 2023
26.0 %

20.8% in 2021

Net turnover in 2023/DKK millions
EBITDA in 2023/DKK millions
Post-tax profit in 2023/DKK millions
Board of Directors

Michael Pram Rasmussen (chairman)
Christian S. Mourier (vice chairman)
Martin Mourier
Jan H. Christiansen
Christian Dulong Hoff
Mikkel Christiansen
Søren Skifter
Henriette Kruppa Nielsen

Tascha Henriksen (employee-elected)
Max W. Ignjatovic (employee-elected)
Brian C. Pedersen (employee-elected)
Henrik Ø. Sørensen (employee-elected)

The organisation

Semler Gruppen is made up of a number of companies, spread across the following divisions:

Semler Mobility Import

Semler Mobility Retail

Semler Mobility Solutions

Semler Mobility Premium

Semler Mobility Baltic

Semler Agro

Group Functions

Associated enterprises