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Our most important resources are our employees. It is therefore vital for us that, as an employee at Semler Gruppen, you enjoy your job and are able to develop.

If we are to remain at the forefront of the mobility market, we must have the most skilful and talented employees. That is why we invest in our staff by working relentlessly to provide the best possible working environment.

We have an entire training department, which offers in-service training and certifications in collaboration with our manufacturers to ensure that our staff are always up-to-date with the latest knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies.

With more than 2,400 employees, Semler Gruppen is a dynamic organisation and there is plenty of opportunity for our staff to develop, either in a specialist or in a management role.

We have a joint responsibility
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How have you upped your colleagues’ game today?

At Semler Gruppen, we are all on the same team, yet we have different roles to play. It is therefore natural for us as colleagues to up each other’s game.

Each Semler Gruppen employee takes responsibility for their own specialist field. We actually believe that it is a good idea to take on extra responsibility, to give you the chance to try out new roles that will help you grow and do the best possible job. And it is also okay to make mistakes – as long as we learn from them.

We have kept our promises for more than 100 years, and we will continue to do so for the next 100.

Employee benefits
Health insurance

Our most important assets are our employees. Therefore, everyone working at Semler Gruppen is covered by our health insurance scheme.

Potential for development

Every year, 8% of our employees change to a different job within Semler Gruppen.

Pension scheme

Naturally, we offer all of our employees a good pension scheme.

In-service training

Our industry is currently experiencing rapid development, and we are investing heavily in our employees to ensure that they are also the most skilled in the industry in the future.

Special offers for our staff

Of course, we keep our employees mobile by presenting special offers and benefits.

Clubs and associations

Semler Gruppen’s clubs and associations are open to anyone in the group. They give employees the opportunity to share their love of a wide range of activities, from motorcycles and classic cars to fishing and cycling.

Semler Mobility Skoda Salg

Want more information about Semler Gruppen?

Semler Gruppen is the product of scores of dedicated employees, and we have more than 100 years of experience.

Lots of vehicles and good ideas have passed through the organisation since it was launched in 1917. However, a flair for business is still our core skill.

Today, Semler Gruppen is much more than merely an importer and seller of cars. We also deal with agricultural machinery, digital solutions and autonomous technologies.

Available jobs
Audi Ekspert til Audi Aalborg Automekaniker til Semler Retail København Booker til Semler Retails landsdækkende Kundecenter Content Creator til Skandinavisk Motor Co A/S – Kundecenter Application deadline - 21. juni 2021 Corporate Assistant til Corporate Affairs Debitorbogholder til Semler Gruppen Digital salgsrådgiver til Skandinavisk Motor Co A/S – Kundecenter Forbereder/planlægger til Semler Retail Hillerød Junior salgsrådgiver, nye og brugte biler – Audi Amager Kundemodtager til Audi Fredericia Application deadline - 1. juli 2021 Kunderådgiver til Skandinavisk Motor Co A/S - Kundecenter Leasingrådgiver til Semler Premium Legal Counsel til Semler Gruppen Outbound sælger søges til bilbranchens største kundecenter Application deadline - 21. juni 2021 Projektorienteret PA til CFO for Semler Gruppen Quality Development Specialist til Semler Gruppen Receptionist til Volkswagen Amager Reservedelsekspedient til Semler Retail København Salgsrådgiver til Audi Fredericia Application deadline - 16. juli 2021 Salgsrådgiver til Audi Hørsholm Application deadline - 20. juni 2021 Salgsrådgiver til Semler Retail Silkeborg Application deadline - 22. juni 2021 Salgsrådgiver til SKODA Amager Salgsrådgiver til SKODA Risskov Application deadline - 1. juli 2021 Salgsrådgiver til Volkswagen København Salgsrådgiverelev – brugte biler til Volkswagen Amager Servicemedarbejder til Semler Retail København Servicemedarbejder til Semler Retail Silkeborg Servicemedarbejder til Skadecenteret hos Semler Retail Gladsaxe Studentermedhjælper til Skandinavisk Motor Co A/S – Kundecenter Studentermedhjælpere med IT-kompetencer til Semler IT Tekniker til Semler Volkswagen Hillerød Tekniker/mekaniker til Audi Gladsaxe Tekniker/mekaniker til Semler Retail Holbæk Application deadline - 22. juni 2021 To karrosserismede til Semler Retail Risskov Udleveringsmedhjælper til salgsafdelingen - Audi Gladsaxe Vært/værtinde til Audi Gladsaxe Vært/værtinde til Audi Hørsholm Weekendmedhjælper til Semler Retail København Reservedelsrådgiverelev til Semler Retail København Servicerådgiverelev til Semler Retail Amager Softwaretester med Salesforce erfaring til Semler IT Teknisk tester til Semler IT